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I'm Fiona, a Certified Exercise Physiologist with a B.S. in Exercise Science and 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher. I combine my professional knowledge with personal experience to help women who struggle with body image, emotional eating, and overall wellness to overcome their roadblocks and grow into their ideal selves. By combining a mindset shift towards self love, mindful eating without restriction, and enjoyable activity, I help my clients create a lifestyle that is not only healthy and enjoyable, but also sustainable.


"Fiona is the best coach. She always pushes me and encourages me to do better than I have before. She also takes the time to know about my life and what is going on. I feel so lucky to be coached by her."

Laurel Ann S.

"Fiona is such a great coach! She explains things well, is positive with all her comments and has a ton of energy. Even when I’m tired she gets me to push myself to do more than I think I can."

Kim C.

"I never really looked forward to working out but, now I look forward to training with Fiona. You can tell she is excited to see you and invested in your fitness journey. Her energy throughout the workout helps you push through. As a trainer she is informative and encouraging, which makes you feel comfortable and capable!"

Brandy D.




This four week course focuses on a mindset shift towards self love and positive body image, mindful eating, and enjoyable activity. When combined, we can learn to nourish our body from a place of love and compassion that is sustainable for LIFE. This course is still in the beta stages, so pricing is as low as it will ever be! Contact me below for details and purchase options :)


This service is tailored to your personal goals, includes the Food Freedom online course, as well as weekly coaching calls, and text support. For details, book your free exploratory call today in the contact section below!



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